Silver bar necklace with coordinates stamped across bar
Silver stamped coordinate bar necklace shown on hand
Coordinate silver bar necklace
Four coordinate stamped silver bar necklaces
Coordinates bar necklace sterling silver
Coordinate silver bar necklace

Coordinates bar necklace sterling silver

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  • Hand-stamped custom coordinates sterling silver bar necklace with sterling silver cable chain
  • Coordinates to a special place - home, your favorite vacation spot, the place you got married....
  • When you place your order, in the box labeled "special instructions for seller" enter in the address or place you want. Could be just a town/city name, or a specific address. I will look up the coordinates and email you a link to an online map with the coordinates to confirm that it's the right place. Also include the total length you want the necklace to be. 
  • This is a nice way to celebrate this special place in the world in a unique way.